QA: A Black Box?

Ever interact with a Quality Assurance (QA) organization and feel like your teeth are getting pulled? That should never be the case. Communication is the key to resolving this matter.

After I took over the reins of the QA automation team at Zoosk, I noticed there were two things that needed to be addressed: 1) Other teams did not know what the automation team did and 2) Other teams did not know how the automation team contributed to the company. We were essentially a black box. Offering transparency into our daily workings would alleviate these problems.

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The Magic of Automated Testing at Zoosk

When I came to Zoosk in September of 2013, I didn’t know much about automation testing and how helpful it could be. As far as I knew, Quality Assurance (QA) testing was done manually and programming skills were not involved. I soon discovered the impact that automated testing could have on the productivity of a QA team. I also found that writing an automation test framework could be an amazing experience interlaced with some interesting challenges.

To give some insight into how we perform automated testing at Zoosk, I’ve broken down how our test lab is set up and what our framework code does. Continue reading